Blue Donkey Production and Cross Border Esport
are making histories together.

Sonderborg, 12th of February 2018

Blue Donkey Production has more than 7 years of experience with video production within storytelling, profile videoes and live production. They are placed in Sønderborg, Denmark.

“We are glad to welcome Blue Donkey Production to be a part of Cross Border Esport. A collaboration that will make great value for both partners.” 

– CEO Thomas Bjørn-Lüthi, Cross Border Esport S/I

We are super excited and entruiged for our new partnership with Cross Border Esport. Its a partnership that will offer new interesting challenges, working on expanding the knowledge of Esports and its giant potential.

We at Blue Donkey Productions are aware that there is alot of national – as well as international – attention, directed towards Cross Border Esport, and that, makes this a great opportunity for us to get our name out there, as a serious and professional video production company.

We see great exposure opportunities, for all the cities that choose to back up around Cross Border Esport, and we will do ours for the profile.” 

– CEO Mads Urup Paulsen, Blue Donkey Productions.

The collaboration will focus on a joinventure in live production, promotions and profile videos of CBE, partners and the regions where CBE has its activities. Blue Donkey Production will raise the quality and standard on all communication platforms. At CBE2017 Cross Border Esport had contact to 3,8 million unique persons from 11 countries at the Social Medier. Almost 200.000 of them were following the live production.

One Main focus for Blue Donkey Production is to ensure the storytelling of the regions were CBE activities are. An important task, because CBE event activities are constructed as a branding platform.