League of Legends Castle Edition at #CBE2018

League of Legends Castle Edition is back!

Sonderborg, 1st of March 2018

League of Legends Castle Edition is back for the #CBE2018 Event! The Finals of the tournament will be played out on the 31st of August to the 1st of September at Sonderborg Castle. The total prizepool for the final of #CBE2018 League of Legends Castle Edition is 7.000EUR.

Leading up to the finals, online qualifiers will take place between 1st of May and 17th of June. Top 4 teams from the Online Qualifier, qualifies for the Tournament Finals. The qualifier will feature both group play and playoff matches. Exact schedule and format is made when sign-ups closes. Sign-ups close on April 26th 23:59, so be sure to have your placement secured by then!

During the qualifier, teams will deliver videos and pictures for content purposes, as the league will feature weekly content to promote the teams participating. Participating will give you and your team, not only the opportunity to fight your way to the top, but also create exposure for your team.

The teams that reach the finals will be playing on CBE PC’s + Monitors, however will use their own keyboards, mice, mouse pads and headsets. CBE pays for the hotel at LAN-finals, but qualified teams have to pay for their own travel.

Presented by

The League of Legends Castle Edition is presented by Cross Border Esport, in partnership with Copenhagen Flames.
Copenhagen Flames will organize, promote and run online qualifications, live events and CBE2018 Main event for this Tournament.