#CBE2018 Race Championship
Program and INfo

Ready - Set - Go
Program and Info for #CBE2018 Race Championship

Sonderborg, 7th of August 2018

start your Preparation for #CBE2018 Race Championship

Get ready for #CBE2018 Race Championship, choose your car and start practice your driving skills. 

Tracks and Cars 

  • On PS4 we will be using the GT3 Class.

IIt is not allowed to change car throughout the event weekend, the car you take on track for the first training, is the one you will be using for the rest of the event, the same goes regarding liveries.


 4 out of the 8 listed tracks will be used at #CBe2018 Race Championships.


  • Monza
  • Bathurst
  • Portimao (Algarve)
  • Zolder
  • Silverstone
  • Road America
  • Zhuhai
  • Watkins Glen

 We wish all drivers best of luck.


The event is fully ”bring your own setup” which means that the drivers must bring everything they need to compete including a 5-meter Ethernet cable.

CBE provides 1 power outlet to each driver, if the drivers need more power outlets they will have to bring an extension cord.

Inspiration list:

  1. * PC/PS4
  2. * Monitor(s)
  3. * Steering wheel
  4. * Pedals
  5. * Rig
  6. * Tablet/phone for telemetry
  7. * Ethernet cable
  8. * Extension cord

Training until the event

In Project Cars 2 we can’t have a server running all the time but we will be running at couple of test sessions. If you want to train by yourself, use the settings:

  • Imola
  • 1/9-2018
  • Clear weather
  • 15.00 session start.

Link to Track https://mega.nz/#F!OLxwSSDZ!sJEiXXq72u-UnJimPHhSiQ

1 of August a track pool containing 6-8 tracks will be announced, from which we will choose the 4 tracks to be used at the event.

Training at the event

It is not allowed to train besides the official sessions listed in the timetable, any violation of this rule will result in a disqualification from the event.


Friday 31st of august

14.00: The arena opens for setup

16.00: Drivers brief and announcement of tracks

17.00: 60 min. training on track 1 (PS4 simultaneously)

18.00: Break

19:00: 60 min. training on track 2 (PS4 simultaneously)

20.30: 60 min. training on track 3 (PS4 simultaneously)


22.00: 60 min. training on track 4 (PS4 simultaneously)

Saturday 1st of September

09.00: Drivers brief (Mandatory)

09.30 : Qualification Heat 1 PS4 (20 min.)

09.50: Heat 1 PS4 (30 min.)

11.00: Qualification Heat 2 PS4 (20 min.)

11.20: Heat 2 PS4 (30 min.)

11.50: Break

12.25: Qualification Heat 3 PS4 (20 min.)

12.45: Heat 3 Ps4 (30 min.)

13.30 Qualification Heat 4 PS4 (20 min.)

13.50 Heat 4 Ps4 (30 min.)

15.00 End of Day 2 – The social program begins – Night Race at Padborg Park

Sunday 2nd of September

09.00: Drivers brief  (Mandatory)

09.30: Qualification Final 1 PS4 (20 min.)

09.50: Final 1 PS4 (60 min.)

11.30: Qualification Final 2 PS4 (20 min.)

11.50 Final 2 PS4 (60 min.)

 14.00 Winners Award 

There will be a total prize pool of 17.000 DKK


Project Cars 2

16 racers will compete – Mix of Pro Race Drivers and Esports athletes

1st 10.000 DKK

2nd 5.000 DKK

3rd 2.000 DKK

Points and scoring

We will be using an international point system as known from real world series such as Blancpain GT and F1

  1. 1st : 25 points
  2. 2nd : 18 points
  3. 3rd : 15 points
  4. 4th : 12 points
  5. 5th : 10 points
  6. 6th : 8 points
  7. 7th : 6 points
  8. 8th : 4 points
  9. 9th : 2 points
  10. 10th : 1 point


We have added a little twist that in Final 1+2 there will be points*1,5, for example 1 place get 25*1,5= 37,5 point – 2 place 18*1,5= 27 points and so on

The winner of CBE Simracing is the driver who has the most points in total of all heats and finals after Final 2.

After the heats the driver with most points get to choose which of the 4 tracks to be used in Final 2 and the driver who sits in second in the points get to choose the track to be used in Final 1.

In game settings

We run the event as realistic as possible therefore we will be using “real assist” and as we use GT3 cars that means that ABS and Traction control is allowed but for example automatic gearbox is not allowed.


Other settings:

  • Full damage
  • Real tyre wear
  • Real fuel consumption
  • Manuel pitlane

In game dates will all be the 30/8-2/9


The weather can be hard to control so who knows if we get a little rain throughout the weekend?


It is not allowed to use “reset car” any violation results in a disqualification.


We will be using the in game systems as judges with the possibility to use an external judge in special occasions.

If a driver wants to make a protest against another driver he/she needs to save replay of the incident, the protest has to be given within 15 min. after the race is finished.

If we have a situation which requires action from the external judge the is 2 types of punishment the judge can make:
Time penalty (5/15/30 seconds) wich will be added to the final time of the race.

Disqualification from that single race.