Aerox Esport to be rewarded

BYOC spot at CBE2018

After of showing a high level of fair play, Cross Border Esport has decided to reward Aerox Esport with a BYOC spot at CBE2018 Main event.

After their defeat vs Ignite and a 2-1 score in overtime at the CBE National Tour Koldings’ semi finale, Aerox Esport was asked to play for the last BYOC spot against Hydr Esport. The game was to be played because one of the finale team, Great Danes, already had a spot at #CBE2018.

Aerox Esport gave the BYOC spot to Hydr Esport because of their great performance and result at the tournament. On behalf of great sportsmanship, Cross Border Esport awards Aerox Esport with the last #CBE2018 BYOC Spot.

Looking forward to see Aerox Esport at #CBE2018 Main event.