CBE History

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Learn about the visions and goals for #CBE and how we are developing and working with the roots of eports in Denmark. 

The Story of Cross-Border eSport

Cross Border Esports is a non-profit independent organization which primary goal is to develop the foundation of esports in the south region of Denmark and across the border of Germany.

Most of the activities within #CBE is national

#CBE has 3 fundamental values which makes the baseline of our work and projects:

#Quality #Trustworthy #InternationalStandard 

Vision for Cross-Border eSport

Esport is one of the biggest spare time activities for the past 3 generations and it has become a big part of the modern society today. Since the 90’s young people has been told that spending too much time in front of the PC would either be a waste of time or cause learning difficulties.

Cross Border Esport acknowledges and works with esports as a driving force to attract, recruit and maintain the future skills in tech and IT to both educational and business.

#CBE is creating the baseline by supporting the development of esports and being a part of the political discussion. 

The FUTURE of eSport in Denmark

Cross Border Esport develops and works with esport within two areas, which in our perspective can’t stand alone.

1.       #CBE Events

2.       #CBE Digital development

#CBE Events

As a part of Events we’re hosting a big main event and several smaller events which either is a part of the #CBE Main Event or Stand alone to develop esport in a local area.

#CBE Main Event is hosted in Sønderborg, Denmark. Here we are working on developing the event to a greater festival and making Sønderborg the International Capital of Esports. Within a 2-hour transport zone the event has a target group of 9.2 million people. This is even more than Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark. Also Sønderborg is only 30 minutes from the German border.

As a part of #CBE Main Event we have created #CBE National Tour which in 2018 will be held in 3 hosts cities and 4 cities in 2019. #CBE National Tour is not a LAN-party in the classic way. #CBE is focused on supporting the competition in the local esport clubs by arranging qualification tournaments for the Main event.

#CBE Digital development

The main goals of Cross Border Esport is development, supporting and rooting esports in the south region of Denmark and the border region. To fulfill these goals we are working on different projects:

1.       #CBE Triple Use Conecpt

2.       #CBE Academy

3.       #CBE House of Tech

CBE Triple Use Concept creates easy access to some of the best equipment for schools and organizations. #CBE generates X amount of full equipment setups each year and instead of selling these or having them stored, we’re renting them out for a very reasonable price. In 2017 #CBE managed to rent out 40 full setups.

#CBE Academy

When you say academy in esports you’re probably talking about a team which is semi-pro or even close to pro but that is not the case in #CBE. Our academy is a development project which focusses on creating esport networkings and supporting educational institutions to use esport as either a part of the education or as an offer to the students. #CBE Academy also has a corps of instructors and coaches which travels around the schools and esport clubs to present, help and educate.

#CBE House of Tech

As a part of the development in esports #CBE is working on a House of Tech in a hosts city in the south region of Denmark and North Germany. Within 3 years this concept will be seen all over Denmark. 

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