National Tour

Cross Border Esport invites everyone to National Tour 2018. National Tour is CBEs live qualifiers, that takes place onsite in selected danish cities. National Tour embodies a professional Tournament Setup, provided by Cross Border Esport and their partners.

Over the course of 3 months, at least 3 cities will be representatives for CBE National Tour, and hold qualifiers, with the main prize of direct access to #CBE2018 Main Event in September.

Tournament Qualifiers & Access

Tournament Qualifiers conclude of all the main #CBE2018 tournament games.

Up until a National Tour event, its possible to buy a placement through our online ticket system. To sign up, visit our webpage on, and pick a National Tour event you wish to participate in. You will be send directly to our ticket system, where you can pick which tournament your and your team is participating in.

There to watch?

Be aware! If you wish to visit National Tour as an observer, and do not intent to participate in the actual qualifiers, you do not need to buy a ticket through the ticket system. Access to the event for non-players, happens on the event day at the event location.

First Stop

First stop on the National Tour is Hillerød, in the days 11th to 13th. Sign-up is already possible through the website;


Second stop on the National Tour is Kolding powered by Fynske bank, in the days 17th to 19th August. Sign-up is already possible through the website;


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